• Title: Oh My Mother! (阿娘喂!)
  • Artist: Joyce Chu
  • Runtime: 3:25   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: November 26, 2017

In Chinese culture, mother has the same power as "God" to western countries. Mothers are not only the persons gave birth, but also those with magic power that solve all problems for their children. In Joyce Chu's (四葉草) Oh My Mother (阿娘喂), she expressed her frustration to the "mother."

Included in Joyce's newest album I Am From Four-leaf Clover (我來自四葉草), Oh My Mother is the lead track of this album. The lyrics used common examples to express Joyce's emotional conflicts between looking good and living a good life. When Joyce looked into the mirror, she found that her ears were bigger than yesterday, which she believed was due to her over-eating in the previous year. This led to more conflicts she encountered being a girl. For example, she wanted to have a fit body, but she couldn't resist the delicious cake; she wanted to laugh loudly, but she unfortunately added wrinkles around her eyes; and she wanted to stay away from the UV rays, but she ended up with a pale face. However, in order to keep her beautiful looks, she has to continue with what she was doing and could only complaint to the "mother."

The music video returned the story described in the lyrics, and started the scene with Joyce appearing from the mirror. Dressed like a genie, Joyce started to tell the conflicts most girls face in life. Because girls want to keep beautiful faces and nice body, they must take extra care of their skin and watch closely over their weight. As a result, they may look pale, sick, and abnormal, just like the ghost, vampire, and zombie characters in the MV. When all the characters finally realized they sacrificed the comfort and happiness for the good looking, they released themselves and returned to the normal, where the days became colorful and were full of joy.

Although the song used a fairy-tale as the background, it is a true reflection of the reality. Many girls refuse to enjoy life and eating, just to keep up with their looks. In exchange, they lost lots of fun.

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