• Title: The Never Old Legend (不老的傳說)
  • Artist: Joyce Chu
  • Runtime: 4:24   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 25, 2017

What if everyone around you has aged but you? It must be a wonderful feeling especially for women. Yet it is against the rule of life, Joyce Chu (四葉草) shared a secret on how you can get there through her new song The Never Old Legend (不老的傳說).

Composed by Dick Lee, The Never Old Legend was to help promote Olay's Ageless gift set. The lyrics started with a legend that spread under the moonlight. In the legend, there was a beautiful, never aging lady that sang for the forever-young love in the world. When she met a group of young friends, they promised to become older together. As time passed by, friends grew older and became more mature. When they reunion many years later, they were surprised by the heroine's young-looking, but still enjoyed the memories together when they were all young.

In the music video, Joyce transfigured into the never-aging-lady in the legend, and started the scene on the day of school reunion. As she walked through the familiar campus where she spent her school years, memories came back to her for the wonderful time she had with her friends here. Then the old friends rushed into the room, all of who are mid-aged women with wrinkles and vicissitudes of life on their faces. While they were all surprised and curious about why Joyce still had such a young-looking face, the music video revealed the secret, Olay Ageless, at the end.

Maybe the song and the music video exaggerated the power of Olay Ageless, but they sure served the purpose. If you want to keep your face look young longer, you should definitely give it a try!

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