• Title: Dream Road 〜My Heart is Dancing〜 (Dream Road~心が躍り出してる~)
  • Artist: Juice=Juice
  • Runtime: 5:14   Language: Japanese
  • Date: October 23, 2016

"Dream Road 〜My Heart is Dancing" is a new single by "Juice=Juice." Straight off the bat you are treated to a rhythmic beat that will get you wanting to bop your head to the music, just like the girls one by one start to pound an imaginary door. The song was composed and written by Tsunku, a prolific Japanese songwriter.

The lyrics are mainly about being true to yourself, doing what you want and not caring what others may think while also chasing down your dreams, and only your own. A lot of us probably get bogged down by expectations from work and such, but thing song wants to tell you to be a little bit more selfish and do what you want to do. That is a great message, for sometimes we care too much what others think of us.

The music video has stunning editing, with the girls laying in beds of flowers in colors that represent them. The most unique part of the video is when the beat drops during the chorus, in a pop song, which definitely makes it stand out. That and it is accompanied by the smooth dance routine that is performed marvelously.

The girls will be on tour right in Japan starting October 22nd, and they will end their tour on the 29th, 3 days (Oct 26th) after this single comes out in stores.

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