• Title: Jidanda Dance (地団駄ダンス)
  • Artist: Juice=Juice
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 7, 2017

"Jidanda Dance" is one half of Juice=Juice's newest single. The song was composed by BLACC HOLE & NOBB-D and written by Kodama Ameko. The lyrics of "Jidanda Dance" describe that feeling when you encounter a series of minor misfortunes (waiting for something and not getting it, arriving at a cafe to find it is closed, getting blisters from your shoes) and you try to pretend you're not bothered, but you can't quite keep up the illusion. According to Juice=Juice, a "Jidanda Dance" is what you do when you can't stand it anymore! and your irritation comes brimming over ("Jidanda" is a Japanese term that means stamping in anger or frustration).

The titular of "Jidanda Dance" is a little bit para-para and a little bit Japanese festival dance, as is the music itself. The MV plays this up, switching between modern scenes with cute cartoon subtitles and traditional-style scenes complete with Hyottoko and Okame masks (folk characters whose masks are popular at festivals and who, ironically, are associated with good fortune).

Juice=Juice's LIVE AROUND 2017 ~NEXT ONE SPECIAL~ runs from late April until late May 2017, and features stops in Saitama, Tokyo, Aichi, Ishikawa, and Osaka. Juice=Juice will also be touring during summer 2017 with other Hello! Project groups.

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