• Title: Vivid Midnight
  • Artist: Juice=Juice
  • Runtime: 4:12   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 22, 2018

Juice=Juice released the promotional video for "Vivid Midnight" which is part of their newest single "SEXY SEXY/Naiteiiyo/Vivid Midnight). The lyrics for “Vivid Midnight”, written by Kodama Ameko, revolve around the theme of unrequited love. The girls lamented on the feeling of emptiness and loneliness which they experience when faced with an indifference attitude from their crushes. Although despondent, they put on a strong facade and continued to put in effort to dress up and appeal to their crushes. The stark contrast between their glittery, bright looks and their dark, dull state of mind is further elaborated in the chorus. Their unfulfilled feeling is best exemplified with the phrase "even the shooting star is not shining".

The video portrays the easy-to-follow synchronized dances of the seven members whose dressings are coordinated. While the majority of the set filmed in the video have pastel-themed background with innocent tones, colorful balls and psychedelic effects occasionally make their appearances, giving the entire video a hint of playfulness.

Juice=Juice's concert LIVE GEAR 2018 ~Go ahead SPECIAL~ will be running from 28 April 2018 to 24 June 2018 at various locations around Japan which include Shizuoka, Hiroshima, Tokyo, Osaka, Saitama and Aichi.

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