• Title: Nonfiction (실화)
  • Artist: K Will
  • Runtime: 4:30   Language: Korean
  • Date: September 30, 2017

K Will (케이윌) sings about the passionate feeling of missing someone in his new ballad entitled ‘Nonfiction’ (실화), from his 4th studio album PART 1 Nonfiction.

The lyrics of ‘Nonfiction’ is filled with deep regret. K Will sings about how his mind is filled with the memories of his lost love. He sings about how closing his eyes or walking down the streets was a painful reminder of her, of how she was slowly getting tired of their relationship without him noticing at all. In the lyrics, he narrates that she was his everything, and she still is. He misses her and he regrets thinking everything would be okay without even doing something that might have changed their fate. It is a lost love, K Will realizes, and there will never be anyone like her.

Nonfiction’ is such a heartbreaking piece and the music video presents a story that mirrors every bit of the song’s emotion. K Will’s soothing voice intensifies the feeling of regret, reminiscent of a painful break-up.

The song ‘Nonfiction’ is truly a gem, a great addition to your playlist that you don't want to miss! Also watch the special clip for a great performance from K Will himself.

Watch K Will - Nonfiction - Special Clip
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