• Title: Show Me My Life (わたしの命を抉ってみせて)
  • Artist: Kami-sama, I Have Noticed
  • Runtime: 3:20   Language: Japanese
  • Date: August 7, 2017

Kami-sama, I Have Noticed (神様、僕は気づいてしまった) definitely let their music speak for themselves in their lead song "Show Me My Life" (Watashi no inochi wo egutte misete- (わたしの命を抉ってみせて) from their first mini album "Kami-sama, I Have Noticed".

The masked members of Kami-sama, I have noticed expresses the deepest meaning of their song with style; as the lyrics explain what the MV shows; instead of showing their real identity or behaviour, the people in the MV are not showing who they truly are to the people around them, nobody is showing their true colors, this is possibly a way for the band members to emphasize on how pretentious everyone is in our world.

In the MV, the members seem to appear as Gods, because they can see everything, they can see a person’s true colors and how the person feels in a situation. There are various examples of this: one is the part when a woman and an old woman is having a conversation over a tea table, the younger woman acts really interested and the older woman enthusiastically talks to her, but when the masks are on, the younger woman appears really bored and the old woman doesn’t like what she is doing as well. Another one is when a group of friends are inside a karaoke room, everyone seems to be enjoying the singing of the girl, but the truth is, they are not.

After all, in some of the cases in the MV appear that the people are there to amuse others for the good but this song and the MV make viewers and listeners perhaps to think about whether it's good to always be true to others, as well as oneself.

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