• Title: Don't Recall
  • Artist: KARD
  • Runtime: 3:29   Language: Korean
  • Date: February 19, 2017

Shortly after K.A.R.D's Project Vol. 1, "Oh NaNa", this South Korean group released its second project single "Don't Recall", which completed two of the three planned project singles before their official debut.

"If I can forget about you and our past, will my life be happier?" The lyrics of "Don't Recall" could not stop its audiences from thinking about this question. When the relationship is over, both sides felt they didn't know each other anymore, and anything happened between them would no longer have meaning. It was miserable to live in the faded memories, but the loneliness and guilt could make anyone feel stupid for the past. It was a mixed feeling of don't want to let go and don't want to recall for the past.

Echoing to the meaning of the song, the music video expressed the loneliness and maze after the breakup through different channels. Starting with flashing cards, it symbolized the representing letters of K.A.R.D's members. While each member seemed haunted by the past memories, sitting at the corner alone had conveyed the strong sense of desolate to its audiences. Furthermore, the war between don't recall and save the past was mimicked by the chess game, where fighting against the other side has never been an easy task.

Maybe selective memorizing is not a bad thing to do after all, because good things in the past are not necessarily happy memories for the future. When you don't recall, you may become a happier person and open your options for a better life. Then what are you hesitating about?

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