• Title: Hola Hola
  • Artist: KARD
  • Runtime: 3:31   Language: Korean
  • Date: July 29, 2017

Hola Hola”, the title track from KARD’s first mini album, is a song that’s the best of summer, warm like a sunset, and cool like a breeze. From sunshiny smiles to feelings as deep as the ocean, the coed group describes a kind of love that you could never get tired of. Even with a love so tender that they want to hide it, KARD can’t help but to share the love burning in their hearts.

Hola Hola” is a great name for a song that is all about hellos, and never goodbyes. The song and music video have the feeling of an endless summer day and night, chasing a forever love. The bright palm trees and beaches, endless blue skies, and nonstop city lights paint a fun picture of KARD’s idea of a sweet summer love. But “Hola Hola” is more than an all-night party, behind all the fun is a hidden promise of commitment; the song is just as gentle as it is wild.

The new single from KARD is a genuine love track, that’s just as likely to get a heart racing. “Hola Hola” is just as honest about wanting to keep a love secret, as it is about wanting to explore every day with a loved one. “Hola Hola” is a bright and honey sweet ‘hello’ to kick off KARD’s 1st Mini Album.

Watch KARD - Hola Hola - Choreography Video
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