• Title: You In Me
  • Artist: KARD
  • Runtime: 3:35   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 2, 2017

KARD delivers the tragedy of a distorted love with an EDM song “You In Me” from their newest album entitled “You And Me”.

The lyrics is about a suffocating kind of love etched with desperate plea all over it. What’s left of the love that used to be anything and everything are now slivers of emptiness and helplessness. Despite it all, there is little hope. For what it’s worth, they try to clutch onto the wisps of what ought to be forever. But love does not thrive in too much doubt and desperation. It flourishes because it has purpose, it flourishes because it has space to breathe and grow. But when the expectation for it is too much, it withers till it’s too late to bring it back.

The music video of “You In Me” is a full force that will have you feeling the loss of a great love, one that has now spiraled into nothing. The twist in the storyline of the video is as mind-blowing as it is heart-breaking. KARD’s dance performance is fiercer and bolder, and their voices blend to give the song that perfect feel of pain and obsessive adoration. Watch, listen and get hooked to KARD’s “You In Me”.

Watch You In Me - Choreography Video
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