• Title: Because of Love (奉愛之名)
  • Artist: Kary Ng
  • Runtime: 4:07   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: December 10, 2017

Love is one of the most sacred and powerful emotions in the world. It is inspirational and brings strength and hope to people when they are down. If everyone in the world can share the love with others, the world will become a beautiful and heart-warming place. This is the soul of Kary Ng's (吳雨霏) newest single, Because of Love (奉愛之名).

Composed by Kiri T and written by Abrahim Chan (陳詠謙), the lyric modeled Kary as a very caring and kind person. Although people might have lied or disliked her, she lent her hands and provided the help and comfort they needed. Because she has received love and support in the past when she was down, she in turn shared her unconditional love with others to make the world a better place.

The music video collected various ways love can be offered to emphasize that a small simple thing can make a huge difference. Love is to provide the key to an athletic who is unsure about her future; love is to give an hourglass to an elder who needs help in her long journey of life; love is to hug an artist who run out of the ideas and needs some support. Love recharges people so they can be encouraged and energized and go back to their life trial.

Everyone received love from others, most of which was unconditional. When someone held you up when you fall on the sidewalk or offered you a seat on the bus, didn't you feel warm and blessed? Have you always been doing the same thing to people around you who are in the same situation? If so, congratulations, you are one of the many who made the world a warm and lovely place.

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