• Title: Come With Me
  • Artist: Kary Ng
  • Runtime: 3:14   Language: Cantonese
  • Date: July 16, 2017

Stressed at work? Frustrated with examinations? Tired of relationship problems? Come have fun with Kary Ng! She is recently back with a new song, rallying everyone to follow her, leave the stifling city and enjoy disco floor partying all night!

Come With Me” is the perfect disco song for all folks living in the heart of the metropolis. It is written by Pong Nan (藍奕邦), which laments the pressure that all city living people commonly face, expressing their desires to throw away all their worries and let the body reign. Composed by Christoffer Lauridsen, Jimmy Claeson and Simone Porter, the song was a great mix of groovy melodies with elements of electronic music, relaxing all the tension built up within the listeners’ mind and body, yet not without the ardour of pleasure. This is also Kary’s first collaboration with Alex Fung, where his masculine voice in the chorus gave Kary’s feminine voice more vigour and energy, just as how men and women enjoy intimate interactions on the dance floor.

Kary is featured in the video where she dresses in various costumes. She was first seen wearing an elegant blue dress which perhaps signifies the logical and rational self, drowning the sea of worldly troubles. She then wore another set of costume, where she puts on a red leather jacket, yet posing still like a mannequin, and also transiting into a translucent black blouse performing a sexy dance with neon lights, resembling people partying in the disco. This song is truly a wake-up call for city dwellers like many of us, to let go of all our problems and anxieties and embrace the present! You only live once!

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