• Title: Jigoku Taxi (地獄タクシー)
  • Artist: Kayoko Yoshizawa
  • Runtime: 3:46   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 12, 2017

Kayoko Yoshizawa (吉澤嘉代子) is back with her newest album “Yaneura Ju” (屋根裏獣), which will be released in March 15th, 2017. The title track is called “Jigoku Taxi” (地獄タクシー), or taxi from hell, and features a poppy, addictive rhythm with mysterious story-driven lyrics.

The music video of “Jigoku Taxi” aligns with its lyrics, and becomes a full story of a lady murderer on a taxi – the taxi from hell. The lady tells herself that she will soon be free, but as she assures herself, the taxi driver tells her, “You are already in hell”, and the scene fades away to a fog, and then clears up again, to reveal the murderer in disguise. She is dressed up as a man, and tells herself that she does not have any memories of yesterday’s morning, but the taxi driver once again tells her that she is “Already in hell”, and that he will “Always come escort her wherever she is”, informing her that she cannot run away from her sins. “There is no going back once you’ve stooped this low”, she sings at the end of the song in a sweet, low voice. The song ends with Kayoko Yoshizawa singing, “Let us go to the deep bottom of this cauldron”, a reference to the traditional Japanese burning hell.

Kayoko Yoshizawa’s concert, “Kemono tour” will be held starting April 29th 2017 through out Japan until May 19th 2017.

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