• Title: Losing Voice (失聲)
  • Artist: Kenji Wu
  • Runtime: 3:59   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: February 26, 2017

If you’re feeling down, fill that sad and lonely heart with a sad song, sing to your heart’s content, and sing till you lose your voice.

Losing Voice” (失聲) is yet another ballad featured in Kenji Wu’s recent album “Humorous Life”(人生超幽默), which is beautifully composed and delicately written by himself. It talks about a person, who had just gone through a breakup, singing his heart out with a group of friends, who are also feeling lonely, at the karaoke. The first line of chorus started with “How deep is my love?” (我愛你有多深), is a reference to a famous classic Chinese song “The Moon Represents My Heart” (月亮代表我的心). Kenji cleverly used this reference in the song to describe that the person is not only singing a song, but also expresses his intense emotions through the song, which makes his heart tremble and voice become hoarse.

The lyrics are expressed in the music video, where Kenji is seen to be standing on a stage, singing with a standing microphone. However, different people seem to have crossed paths with him, looking lost and confused. As he sings, the song and lyrics seem to strike a chord in their hearts, and they started exploding with emotions, crying and releasing their frustrations. The black and white cinematography of the music video brings out the melancholic mood of the song, and touches the hearts of those who are listening and watching the music video.

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