• Title: Lost in Speed (失速)
  • Artist: Kenji Wu
  • Runtime: 3:56   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 12, 2017

For some, driving is a good way to heal a broken heart, because it is where they face their true emotions – loneliness, sadness, disappointment – all in one personal and confined space.

Featured in Kenji Wu’s recent album “Humorous Life” (人生超幽默), “Lost in Speed” (失速) explores the heart of the brokenhearted man in an interesting space – the car. For a man, a car not only represents his social status, it also records memories of him and his significant other, as well as his emotions when the relationship ended. The lyrics of the song are written by Kenji and Chen Xin Rong (陳信榮) and the music is composed by Kenji himself. It talks about a man who saw his lover leaving him after slamming the car door, trying to get over memories of her on the car. However, everything seems to fail, as sadness, loneliness and disappointment slam back at him even harder.

Kenji displays his great acting skills in the music video acting as the main character, with Taiwnese Go player Joanne Missingham (黑嘉嘉) featured as the female protagonist. In the video, Kenji is seen reminiscing the past in the car after his girlfriend left him, speeding on the road. He thinks about happy memories with his lover, the places they have been, and the things they have done. But everything comes to a halt when he realizes his car has crashed into someone, and it is the girlfriend who had left him. He then cries in regret, as he has lost himself in speed, as well as his loved one, for good.

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