• Title: Ten Reasons
  • Artist: Khalil Fong
  • Runtime: 3:50   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 24, 2018

Ten Reasons, a R&B and soul music, is the brand new single by Hong Kong-based American singer-songwriter Khalil Fong (方大同). Composed by the man himself with lyrics written by his long-time collaborator Luke “B.T” Tsui (崔惟楷), the song is dedicated to the people who are in love and about to confess their love.

In the lyrics, Khalil confesses to the woman that he loves by listing down ten reasons why he does. From her positive outlook on life to her loving mannerisms to the fact that they have a connection “stronger than Wi-Fi”, it is obvious that Khalil is head over heels for her. If you have plans to confess to a lover but still aren’t sure of what to say, perhaps these words can be your inspiration.

Although the music video has no specific storyline, there are interpretations to be taken away from the dreamy and skilful shots of director Lin Chan. Khalil compares a rehearsal before a performance to the preparation that is undertaken before a confession of love – in the video, he is seen singing his songs to an empty room and pacing it in a rather anxious manner. He finds similarities in the act of mental preparation between the two processes. Just as one would need to build courage and confidence to perform to a full house, one would need to build courage and confidence to lay his or her feelings bare.

However, life is too short to be afraid of something that you have no control over – what is the worst that can happen? Even if he or she were to reject you, at least you will be met with closure rather than the question of what if? for the rest of your life. So, before your next confession, put this song on, let its upbeat rhythm drum up your courage, then take the leap of faith.

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