• Title: Wu Kong (悟空)
  • Artist: Khalil Fong
  • Runtime: 4:29   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 3, 2016

The usually mannered and composed Khalil Fong has surprised all his fans by transforming into the legendary Monkey King, Sun Wukong, in his newly released MV “Wu Kong”! To act as Sun Wukong, Khalil Fong removed his iconic glasses, and even took up the challenge to do fighting scenes!

Being a huge fan of the classic Chinese novel “Journey To The West”, he wrote the song lyrics to portray Sun Wukong as a figure who was once rebellious and violent, yet became a strong protector of his Master after 1000 years of training. By protecting his Master, through fighting evil demons and spirits, both of them were able to find true wisdom and bring peace to the world. However the MV is set in modern times, where Sun Wukong, in his human form, fights against the evil ones who wanted to get a treasure box and his Master. After being captured, he transformed into the Monkey King, and broke the chains in order to save his Master.

Notably, this MV was filmed with great cinematics, with huge influence from Hong Kong’s classic gangster movies packed with run-and-chase and fighting scenes. “Wu Kong” was also one of the first few songs Khalil Fong composed 14 years ago, signifying the start of his music journey to the west, as he explored Soul, R&B and Blues. It is also the first hit-song featured in his 21-tracks album “JTW Xi You Ji” (JTW 西遊記), which is also the first album produced since the establishment of his independent label, FU Music.

For Khalil, this is the 11th year since his debut; hence this album also represents the fruits of his training in music, and his mission of producing music with a fusion of East and West.

Watch Khalil Fong - Wu Kong - Behind The Scenes
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