• Title: Flower Way (꽃길)
  • Artist: Kim Sejeong
  • Runtime: 3:57   Language: Korean
  • Date: December 4, 2016

As the winter holidays are nearing, many people are thinking of their parents. In the single Flower Way, Kim Sejeong croons about the love and gratitude to her mother. This heartwarming song was written, composed and produced by ZICO (rapper) and released as part of the Jelly Box project.

In the lyrics, children are compared to flowers that are cared for tenderly. The song recognizes the sacrifices mothers make. With her angelic voice, Sejeong wonders how much rain fell to raise this single flower. Mothers give us their most beautiful season in order for us to blossom. This is a blossom of love that will never wither.

The music video is simple, but shows the parallels between childhood and present day in a clever way. The screen is cut in half and the scenes are side by side. They show the same everyday activities. But in one, Sejeong is helped by her mother. In the other, she’s alone. It’s clear how far Sejeong (and all of us) have come—growing up, maturing and becoming independent.

A notable scene is where the child is learning to ride a bike. In the end, the mother lets go and the child continues on alone. In the past, our mother was there to hold an umbrella when it rained. Now, it is our turn to hold her hand and create a flower path.

Though it might bring tears to some eyes, this genuine song will also remind you of happiness and the deepest love. As a member of Gugudan, we’re sure to hear more from beautiful tunes from Sejeong in the future too!

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