• Title: Fine
  • Artist: Kim Taeyeon
  • Runtime: 4:08   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 12, 2017

Taeyeon’s years of hard work and successful solo ventures have finally paid off as her first full-length album, “My Voice” has been released. The album includes 13 tracks including the song “Fine” which is the first track in this amazing album. “Fine” is an alternative pop song with passionate melody.

The one thing that makes Taeyeon so unique is that she sings emotions rather than mere words, which stands her out from other singers. The lyrics describe her overpowering feelings for the person she loves but does not get the love the same way that she deserves. Although she pretends that she is alright, but deep down she knows that it’s not fine. Her miraculous voice involves the listeners who dwell into this enormous sentimental well of feelings. The music video is also beautiful and pure, with Taeyeon looking stunning as always.

Since her solo debut in 2015 with hit single “I”, Taeyeon has been on a roller coaster ride. She continues to rise and inspire us from her amazing songs. We hope that you enjoy “Fine” along with her breathtaking full album “My Voice”, which is definitely worth checking out.

Watch Taeyeon - Fine - Comeback Stage
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