• Title: Make Me Love You
  • Artist: Kim Taeyeon
  • Runtime: 3:41   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 9, 2017

Taeyeon has always been known for her powerful vocals that can masterfully deliver in practically any genre. Further proving this is her new pop R&B song, "Make Me Love You", from the deluxe edition of her recent album, My Voice. "Make Me Love You" was written by Cho Yun-kyung, and composed by Aaron Benward, Matthew Tishler and Felicia Barton.

"Make Me Love You" narrates Taeyeon’s desire to fall completely in love, without reservations or hesitations. The lyrics describe how scared and uncertain she is, and how, in the midst of all the loneliness, the person she was so afraid to love held out a hand to hold hers. The warmth and sweetness draws her in, and she wishes to be a part of this person’s world.

The music video showcases many sides of Taeyeon’s romantic glamor. From the modern chic outfit, to her vintage ruffled dress, and the delicate layers of tulle spread out in the sea of roses, we witness dreamy visuals. Added to that are her expertly portrayed emotions that perfectly enhance the lyrics, making us really believe what she is singing.

The deluxe edition of My Voice was released just about a month after the original album’s release. With its range of genres, Taeyeon’s album truly allows the versatility of her voice to shine. Already, the songs Fine and I Got Love have become hits. The new album deluxe editon contains 3 new tracks and a previously released single, 11:11. Check out My Voice and, prepare to have Taeyeon make you love this song and play it on repeat!

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