• Title: Just Dance (現在不跳舞要幹嘛)
  • Artist: LaLa Hsu
  • Runtime: 3:47   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 12, 2018

Composed by LaLa (徐佳瑩) and written by LaLa and David Ge (葛大為), Just Dance (現在不跳舞要幹嘛) is included in LaLa's latest album Psychology (心理學). The song was mixed with disco and funk elements, and brought you the reminiscence of the 70's and 80's music and dancing styles.

The lyrics of the song is short and sweet, and uses simple and plain language to invite people joining the dance. No matter what dance style to choose from or what kind of music to follow, it is the time to just dance and sweat out all the stress and unhappiness. Dancing is a great way to relax, burn calories, and spend the time.

The music video was produced by Starr Chen (陳星瀚), who was known as the genius dance-music producer in the industry. With his gifted skills, he impressed the audience once again with the Just Dance music video. When people from different aspects of the society get together, they are all busy with their own routines. Business man is busy talking to his client on the phone, guard is standing still monitoring the surroundings, and parent is taking care of her child. However, when the ice-breaker steps into the scene with his incredible moves, the routines for these people are changed. Yet people work very hard to fulfill their responsibilities, it is time to put everything down and join the dance. Just like music, dance is a universal body language that can bring people together, regardless what kind of background they have.

Have you buried yourself in daily routines and can't remember the last time you released your body and mind? If so, Just Dance can help you wake up the dancing cells that are hibernating in yourself. Follow the beats and move your body, as you will feel the rebirth after the sweats!

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