• Title: The Initial Memory (最初的記憶)
  • Artist: LaLa Hsu
  • Runtime: 4:09   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 25, 2017

People's lives are not generally the same as what they expected when they were young. Behind you is your sentimental first love, and in front of you is your unknown future, how would you choose? In LaLa's (徐佳瑩) The Initial Memory (最初的記憶), she used her meaningful and rich voice to bring the audience back to the campus full of camphor sense in our memories.

The Initial Memory is the trailer song of the Chinese drama Rush to the Dead Summer (夏至未至). Composed and written by Sun Yi Cheng (孫藝澄), the song was collected in the album for the drama. The lyrics of the song described a dilemma in which the hero has known the girl he loves will be away, but he couldn't help to get closer and be with her. Now the girl has disappeared in his life, he still doesn't want to give up the persistency and the old memories. No matter how future will look like or whether he can be with her at the end, he just wants to save the previous initial memory.

The music video used the plots from the drama, and played stories around the initial memories of three girlfriends, from their school lives to their adulthoods. Led by Cheney Chen (陳學東) and Zheng Shuang (鄭爽), school friends extended their first feelings for the others to the current lives when they reunion. Echoing to the drama, there had been entanglement and emotional-disturbing moments. However, after all, the hearts went back to the campus when everything started.

Looking back to the path you've been along, the best memories mostly stay at times when there were no benefit conflicts. If you can hold up your heart without giving up or any doubt, you will see that the one loved you the most is still there waiting for you.

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