• Title: The Prayer (言不由衷)
  • Artist: LaLa Hsu
  • Runtime: 4:31   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 27, 2017

The true love is above possession. Rather, it is to wish the loved one happiness and well-being. When love went away, have you sent blessing to see your ex-lover off? Although these words may contradict to your feelings, they are from the bottom of your heart. This is the core of LaLa's (徐佳瑩) The Prayer (言不由衷).

Released as a single, The Prayer will be included in LaLa's fifth album Psychology (心理學), which is scheduled to be released on December 27, 2017. The lyrics were written from a prayer's perspective, and included kind and warm-hearted blessings to both the apart lover and LaLa herself. While LaLa wished the ex-lover live in a peaceful life and meet his Ms. Right, she also prayed for the same for herself. Even though the love has gone, she promised to herself to stay brave and kind forever.

The music video started a fire scene, implying the relationship was over. The burnt site ended in LaLa's eye sight, and she became a helpless and lonely individual, running into an empty mountain covered with snow, just like her cold and empty heart. With all the sadness gathered as tears in LaLa's eyes, she left all to herself but instead give the ex-lover kind blessings to wish him well. With her lonely figure standing in the middle of the vacant cold mountain and swallowing the sadness by herself, she delivered her pain and loneliness to the audience through her ethereal voice and her excellent acting skills.

Although the song did not have high pitches and fast-paced rhythm, it deeply touched every audience's heart. From her misty voice and watery eyes, people can hear her feelings and kindness. This is the power of music.

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