• Title: The Flowers And The Poet (花と詩人)
  • Artist: LAMP IN TERREN
  • Runtime: 6:18   Language: Japanese
  • Date: January 21, 2018

It is said in many ancient traditions that one who has tasted the sweetness of love will naturally gravitate towards expressing oneself in the poetic form. LAMP IN TERREN’s new single, The Flowers And The Poet, is a fittingly poetic piece that illustrates this adage.

In the very first line, the lyrics highlight how the poet’s lover, to his eyes, seems to be able to “fill an entire room full of emptiness”, with just her laughter. This ironic use of oxymoron is but our first taste of the full gravity of the song, which continues to discuss how words are inadequate or broken means with which he cannot, and has chosen not to, express his love for her. Revealing that he finds phrases such as “I love you” as empty cliches, the song demonstrates his resolve to keep to this poetic form and not approach love in the conventional way.

The ironic backfiring of this resolve is made clear in the visuals, where this lover, whom he goes to such great lengths to describe in poetry is conspicuously absent for the entire video, in which time his only company in bright times and dark times are the flowers in the vase on his desk, as he experiences joy, boredom and sorrow all by himself. The song then ends with the same line it began from, with the only difference that his lover’s laughter is said to fill his emptiness, not the room, bringing the lyrics full circle at the conclusion.

LAMP IN TERREN will be bringing this poetic piece to fans through a range of live events and tours across Japan, the earliest being on the 26th of January, all the way up to the end of April 2018.

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