• Title: Moonlight Swing
  • Artist: Lee Jong-Hyun
  • Runtime: 4:26   Language: Japanese
  • Date: July 3, 2016

"Moonlight Swing" is a new Japanese solo single by Lee Jong-Hyun, a member of Korean group CNBLUE. Even if you can't understand half the words, you can picture through his tone and the composition of the song that he's madly in love with a lady. The whole song oozes with style and suave that's reminiscent of old-time jazz mixed with modern pop.

The music video is very simplistic, it cuts to shots of Lee singing on stage, in a club, and dancing. All while he's wearing a suit, hair gelled up like he's ready for a night out on the town with his special lady. And that's what this whole song boils down to, singing his praise and admiration for his love. Saying that "If this is a dream, then I want to keep dreaming." The jazz like feel of the song combined with Lee's incredible vocals make for a mesmerizing experience.

Lee Jong-Hyun's first solo Japanese album "Sparkling Night" will be released on July 27th and then in August, Lee will be performing his first solo concert, "Welcome to Sparking Night," in Tokyo, Osaka and Aichi.

Watch Lee Jong-Hyun - Making Of Moonlight Swing
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