• Title: I Wish You Were Here (あなたがいればいいのに)
  • Artist: LEGO BIG MORL
  • Runtime: 5:48   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 2, 2017

LEGO BIG MORL’s newest single, “I Wish You Were Here” (あなたがいればいいの) is not your typical break up song. Composed and lyricized by LEGO BIG MORL, this song is a heart-breaking ballad that talks about the emptiness one feels post breakup. This song is written from the point of view of the one left behind, and he sings about how he cannot wish his ex-girl friend happiness, as he feels as if he had been left in a dark tunnel that goes on forever. The song ends on a gloomy note with the protagonist singing, “time flows and the rain washes away your fragrance”.

The MV tells a similar story, as even though the protagonist suffers for the whole length of the MV, he decides to move on and let it go in the end. A scene that symbolizes this is when the protagonist is standing on the railway – signaling the end. Yet in the very end of the MV, he reluctantly puts his feet forward, and moves on, getting over the pain of break up after all the agony.

I Wish You Were Here” is the lead-single from LEGO BIG MORL’s newst album, SHINZOU NO IBASHO (心臓の居場所) (Where The Heart Should Be). LEGO BIG MORL is facing their 10th anniversary, and they have released their 10th anniversary short film on March 5th and held their 10th anniversary live on March 28th in Japan. Their next tour is the “Ivy to Fraudulent 2nd mini album release tour”, scheduled on April 15th in Saitama Prefecture.

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