• Title: boyfriend
  • Artist: lol
  • Runtime: 3:18   Language: Japanese
  • Date: April 15, 2017

"boyfriend" is one half of the newest single from Japanese pop group lol. This song pairs with the other half of the single, "girlfriend," to give two different perspectives on love; with "boyfriend" being sung primarily by lol's three female members and "girlfriend" primarily sung by the group's two male members. A unique feature of the MV for "boyfriend" is its dance portion, in which lol is accompanied by what appears to be an entire girls' high school, perfectly synchronized and arranged across three full flights of stairs and landings.

"boyfriend" is a peppy and refreshingly straightforward song. It captures the grand but yet simple and pure hopes and dreams of adolescence, when every new romance feels like the love to end all loves and we often find our minds filled to capacity with thoughts of a sweetheart. The lyrics describe the excitement of getting ready on a day when we know we'll be seeing a crush, the exuberance of our daydreams as we imagine the futures we would share with the object of our affections, and the yearning anxiety that surrounds a confession of love.

lol's single "boyfriend / girlfriend" will be released on April 19. Also their concert, lol live tour 2017 -lolz-, features 16 stops in various places all throughout Japan. Their tour kicks off May 6th and finishes in Tokyo on July 29th.

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