• Title: Destiny (나의 지구)
  • Artist: Lovelyz
  • Runtime: 3:45   Language: Korean
  • Date: May 1, 2016

The sweet girl group, Lovelyz, from Woollim Entertainment has come back with a second mini album, A New Trilogy, and a new video, Destiny. Keeping with their innocent image, the music video sheds on soft lighting and pale colors to give the song its brightness.

As you'll see, there are numerous imagery of circles; from marbles, to revolving circles, spinning circles, even the camera moves in circles sometime. That is because, if read from the lyrics, the girls sing of how the guy is their Earth and the center of their life. Of course, when we think of Earth and center, we think of circles. Therefore, symbolically, these circles resemble the boy who revolves around the life / mind of the girls but, however, the song is about heartbreak. Even though the girls say that this guy is their "destiny," the guy doesn't seem to take notice and, instead, falls for a different girl. No matter how the girls try, he is only but a farfetched dream.

The song was stylistically composed by OnePiece with words by Jeon Gan Di and the album was produced by Yoon Sang and his production team.

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