• Title: Twinkle (종소리)
  • Artist: Lovelyz
  • Runtime: 4:05   Language: Korean
  • Date: November 26, 2017

Let’s start getting into the Christmas spirit with “Twinkle”, the newest track from Lovelyz’s 3rd mini-album “Fall in Lovelyz”.

The lyrics tell us about what seems to be the sound of falling in love. Whether it is the sound of a beating heart or not, it’s a sound that Lovelyz are excited to hear. They search for it, they call for it, they desire to find its source. They want more of it, and they try to inch a little closer to where it’s coming from in order to bask in its clearer, more delightful ringing. It’s a beautiful sound that makes them feel all sorts of fuzzy emotions. It’s hard to choose which one they like the most because deep within their hearts, they wish to treasure them all. The sound is probably something they can hear not with their ears, but with their sincere hearts. It’s a curious thing-- the sound, but it’s beauty lies in its sweet twinkling.

The music video is filled with Christmas vibes that will definitely send us into a festive mood! With Lovelyz’s cheerfulness and sweet dance moves, the music and video of “Twinkle” makes us feel that love is extra special this season. Go watch, listen to and be merry with Lovelyz’s “Twinkle

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