• Title: WoW!
  • Artist: Lovelyz
  • Runtime: 3:11   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 5, 2017

Woollim Entertainment’s girl group, Lovelyz, is back with their 2nd studio album “R U Ready?” with “Wow” as their title track. “R U Ready?” is their 2nd full length album after “Girls’ Invasion” released in 2014.

The music video has Lovelyz members and their paper cut-out miniatures moving around through the rooms as they portray the lyrics from the song. The colors in “Wow” video are much more vibrant as compared to their usual pale pastel colors in previous music videos. The whole music videos is aesthetically pleasing and amusing to watch at the same time, thanks to unique use of animation and blend of colors.

The lyrics talk about how love can be exciting and sad at the same time. Love can come to you as a surprise all of a sudden but because it is something mysterious, sometimes it can end with tears and sadness. Lovelyz brought this message across in a light-hearted and simple manner, with subtle lyrics and bubbly image.

Lovelyz is one of the groups who has a distinct sound to them, one that you can recognize that it is Lovelyz’s music. “Wow” carries the same “Lovelyz” tune but it is new and refreshing at the same time. Go and give “Wow” a listen!

Watch Lovelyz - R U Ready? - Album Preview
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