• Title: Shoot! Baby, I Love Ya! (ぶっぱなせ! Baby, I Love Ya!)
  • Artist: LoVendoЯ
  • Runtime: 4:21   Language: Japanese
  • Date: September 17, 2017

Shoot! Baby, I Love Ya! by LoVendoЯ is the main track of their latest mini-album and the band performs without Yuki Uozumi who left last year. The song talks about the strong motivation and drive behind a newly-lovestruck girl in gaining the affection of the man she desires.

The title, which is also the first line of the chorus, immediately marks the theme of seeing romance as a war between oneself and other potential rivals who may try to steal away the man she wants. The music is very energetic, going along well with the lyrics that list out the various efforts the girl makes to cause her man to fall for her by changing her appearance and trying to become more physically attractive towards him, as well as the cacophony of different feelings such as excitement and anxiety that comes attached with falling in love.

On a visual level, the MV features a lot of shots where the camera revolves around the band members and many close-up shots in which the members’ costumes are changed. This links back to the lyrics discussing the girl’s various efforts to look more attractive, as well as her wish for her man to focus on her only, such that the visuals perfectly complement the audio as well.

LoVendoЯ will be going on tour in Japan with various live events coming up in the rest of the year. This begins on September 24 and will end on November 27.

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