• Title: Takaramono (宝物)
  • Artist: LoVendoЯ
  • Runtime: 5:16   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 6, 2016

"Takaramono," which means "treasure" or "something precious," is LoVendoЯ's newest single. Very much a thank-you letter between LoVendoЯ members, the MV has an overall warm feeling of end-of-summer nostalgia, with the four LoVendoЯ members singing or playing guitar on overgrown railroad tracks or in fields of dry corn.

The members express their feelings of love for one another and well-wishes for the future, even if one day they are apart. Interspersed with the main images of the MV is black-and-white video of the group performing happily together at one of their concerts. This song will touch the hearts of anyone who has a dear friend they would like to thank for being there for them no matter what.

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