• Title: Namae o Yobu yo (名前を呼ぶよ)
  • Artist: Luck Life
  • Runtime: 4:35   Language: Japanese
  • Date: May 22, 2016

"Namae o Yobu yo" is the newest single by Luck Life, and is also their major debut single. It is featured as the ending theme for the 2016 anime series "Bungo Stray Dogs." To celebrate and promote their major debut, Luck Life is scheduled to go on a three-city tour (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka) in June and July 2016.

"Namae o Yobu yo" is a wistful and powerful song about supporting and being supported in turn by someone dear to you. The lyrics describe how if you are feeling sad or unsure, knowing that someone is holding you in their heart can give you strength; even if you and that person are apart. In the video, PON sits in a room in which time has stopped, and walks past groups of people for whom time is rewinding into the past. Eventually, though, time seems to resume its normal flow; and PON and the rest of Luck Life walk away, ready to face the future.

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