• Title: Sunny Day (サニーデイ)
  • Artist: Luck Life
  • Runtime: 5:00   Language: Japanese
  • Date: March 26, 2017

"Sunny Day" is the lead track on "Life Is Beautiful," Luck Life's first full album since their major debut announcement. "Sunny Day" is about how even though often things in life don't go quite right, we can try to laugh at our troubles and keep moving forward (while remembering that it's okay to take a break and have some rest, too!). The lyrics of "Sunny Day" are meant to remind us that the world has love in it, and to express a wish for people living in the world to find happiness.

"Sunny Day" is an upbeat, cheery song; and quite fitting as the opening track on an album Luck Life has been quite excited to release. The band also has a second reason to be feeling "sunny" -- the cute birthday party scene at the end of their "Sunny Day" MV is a celebration of Luck Life's 9th anniversary as a group.

Luck Life's "Ikiteru Dake de Marumouke" Tour begins May 12th, 2017 and ends June 18th, and features stops and performances in a wide range of locations throughout Japan. Their "Ikiteru Dake de Marumouke" One Man Tour occurs the following month but has just three stops (Shibuya, Nagoya, and Umeda).

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