• Title: On fire (零界點) feat. AR
  • Artist: LuHan
  • Runtime: 3:36   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: July 29, 2017

LuHan is swagging in his newly released song “On Fire” (零界點), overcoming any obstacles that stop him from going higher!

This electronic dance music is composed by Leo and Alex Ni, and written by AR (劉夫陽), which talks about a group of young people burning with youthful energy, partying and having fun at the dance floor. Hence, LuHan sings the fast-moving song like a delinquent, giving an air of self-assured arrogance, with the lyricist AR also featured in the song, performing an impressive rap. Interestingly, the rap subtly talks about them being a public figure, yet bravely going against haters with confidence, instead of running away cowardly.

In the music video, LuHan charmingly appears in a garage, and seems to be living there with a bathroom with rugged and uneven walls, assembling a cool sports car in bronze colour. The fish in the tank may also symbolize a person being comfortable in his comfort zone, and LuHan extends a fish rod to fish it out, helping it to get away from life that is as bland, and as still as the water. This encourages youth of this generation to never confine or limit oneself in a glass box, but to be open to experience and explore different things, as well as looking for their own identity. Now, get out of that fish tank of yours and find that swagging self like LuHan!

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