• Bio
  • LuLu (Huang Lu Tz Yin - 黄路梓茵)
  • Born in Taiwan on April 24, 1991 (Taurus)
  • Taiwanese Host, writer and actor, who gained popularity in 2011 for doing an imitation of the famous host Matilda Tao
  • Graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, Department of Radio and Television
  • Launched her first EP in 2016 “LuLu, Tui” (LuLu, 腿)
  • Record label: Ye Huo Yu Le Wildfire
  • Popular Songs: “Tui Zhi Ge” (腿之歌)
  • Awards: Nominated in the 50th Golden Bells Award for the show “Zong Yi Da Re Men” as the Best Variety Host
  • Videos
What goes into the mind of a girl who falls crazy in love with another? Is it of cotton candy and fluffy clouds? Is it of...
Life is not always fair. It is hard to predict what will happen the next moment. Often times, people are either be conservative...
For every girl in love, missing her crush deeply and yearning to be with him everyday can be a happy affair. The song...
  • Albums
  • The Beauty Duckling (美小鴨)
  • Album  ·  August 25, 2017
  1. The Beauty Duckling (美小鴨)
  2. The Morning Song (晨之歌)
  3. The Stay-In-Bed Princess (賴床公主)
  4. The Bad Luck Farm (倒霉農場)
  5. Snacking (吃點心)
  6. Fighting for Love (戀愛大作戰)
  7. All For You (全都給你了)
  8. Robinhood (羅賓漢)
  • LuLu, Tui (LuLu, 腿)
  • Single  ·  May 5, 2016
  1. Tui Zhi Ge (腿之歌)
  2. Hao Xi Huan Ni (好喜歡你)
  3. Mo Mo No U Ta (Tui Zhi Ge - Japanese ver.) (もものうた(腿之歌日文版))
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