• Title: All For You (全都給你了)
  • Artist: LuLu
  • Runtime: 4:02   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: October 10, 2017

What goes into the mind of a girl who falls crazy in love with another? Is it of cotton candy and fluffy clouds? Is it of happiness or worries? Or is it of courage and bravery?

With pink bubbles floating in the air, Lulu (黃路梓茵) sings the heart of a girl pursuing the love of her life in her new song “All For You” (全都給你了), which is also featured in the album, The Beauty Duckling (美小鴨). Composed and written by Liao Wei Jie (廖偉傑), the lyrics of the song brings the listeners into the mind of a girl in love, who gives her all to win the heart of the man she loves. As she dreams of being together with him, looking forward to walk along side with him, she smiles like the happiest girl on earth. Even though she worries about looking for the best chance of confession, she has already given her all, without any reservations, to this man of her dreams. The song is composed in a cheery and chippy mood, where the string ensemble was included to add a touch of dreaminess to the song.

The music video is filmed like a drama series, with Lulu and Aaron Yan (炎亞綸) as the main characters. Lulu is seen following Aaron closely in a palace-like mansion and imagining being together with him. She also tries hard to find out Aaron’s favourite food and eventually brought a smile on his face when she discovers that he misses having curry rice with his family. The twist of the plot is, however, that Aaron has also feelings for Lulu, as he watches her amusing antics from the CCTV recordings. Both of them have displayed great chemistry in the video, which has successfully warmed the hearts of the viewers, as it reminded them of an innocent and pure love that they once had.

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