• Title: Hao Xi Huan Ni (好喜歡你)
  • Artist: LuLu
  • Runtime: 4:21   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 12, 2016

For every girl in love, missing her crush deeply and yearning to be with him everyday can be a happy affair. The song “Hao Xi Huan Ni” (好喜歡你), from the newly released EP “LuLu, Tui” (LuLu, 腿), describes the secret happiness of a girl in love missing her crush, and her desire to loudly confess, “I really like you”.

In the video, LuLu fell in love at first sight with a deliveryman (played by artist, Jasper Liu), and drew up a plan to be his bride in 90 days. She bought herself many gifts, in order to see her crush again and again, and imagined receiving those gifts from her crush. On the 90th day, she even bought herself a diamond ring, and imagined he was proposing to her. Even though this sweet song is sung from the perspective of a girl, it was actually composed and written by the male hip-hop rapper ADA, who is a good friend of LuLu.

LuLu has always been known as an entertainer, but this song “Hao Xi Huan Ni”, has showcased her attractive, soothing voice and singing skills.

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