• Title: The Bad Luck Farm (倒霉農場)
  • Artist: LuLu
  • Runtime: 3:15   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 17, 2017

Life is not always fair. It is hard to predict what will happen the next moment. Often times, people are either be conservative and play safe, or be aggressive and take the challenge. However, in Lulu's (黃路梓茵) The Bad Luck Farm (倒霉農場), she provided her audience a third option to think about, which may actually make people happy.

Included in Lulu's newest album The Beauty Duckling (美小鴨), The Bad Luck Farm used the Electro Swing style, making people want to swing their body with it. Lulu also participated in writing the lyrics, which reflected her innocent and outgoing character. The lyrics compared life to a farm, on which people are not always harvest with what they planted or wanted. Although Lulu knows that vegetable and fruit are healthy, she can't get them from her farm, just like she can't get the person she likes. While Lulu is indeed a beautiful girl, only a few people may discover her beauty; therefore, it is probably easier to just do nothing and relax.

In the music video, Lulu transfigured into a cute farm girl and the MV filmed in Switzerland. When dressed like a European princess, she spent a slow day on the farm with animals. The sky was blue and clear, just like her good mood. While she was dancing on the grass, the melody was also light and smooth, making people want to dance with her with cheerful steps. Blending with Lulu's unique Odell singing techniques, the song brought its audience back to the happy and worry-free childhood like a fairy tale.

It is a stressful and busy age. People are tired impart because they are busy, so that they have to continue working to earn the things they want. Unfortunately, what people received are not necessary equal to the amount of effort they put in. Why not escape from the busy city for a day, and spend on a farm doing nothing like Lulu did? You may find that what you are chasing may not be that important.

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