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  • Stylized as MAGIC OF LiFE, the lowercase I represents the self, and is meant to symbolize how the listener is a part of the “magic of life” the band aims to present.
  • Formerly called Dirty Old Men, they changed their name to Magic Of Life on October 17th, 2014.
  • The band was first formed in summer of 2001, and their first mini album debuted on May 10th, 2006.
  • 4 Current members: Vocalist/Guitarist: Nobuyuki Takatsuto, Guitarist/Chorus: Takumi Yamashita, Bassist/Chorus: Yuuji Watanabe, Drummer/Chorus: Shoutaro Okada.
  • 2 Past members: Bassist: Masamitsu Yamada, Drummer/Chorus: Shinichi Notaki.
  • Genre: Rock
  • Record Label: SPACE SHOWER MUSIC
  • Popular Songs: The Lingering Of The Comet (箒星の余韻), Kazahana No Shizuku (風花ノ雫), Every Single Day (はじまりの日々)
  • Albums: Under current name of Magic Of Life: Storyteller, X–1 A, Under the name of Dirty Old Men: bud, GUIDANCE, doors, I and I, Blazing, Time Machine, prologue
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Answer is the lead track for MAGIC OF LiFE’s upcoming album called “Niemyer” which will come out on September...
“Senkou Hanabi” (線香花火) is the newest title track from MAGIC OF LiFE’s new double A-sided single...
  • Albums
  • Niemeyer
  • Album  ·  September 6, 2017
  1. Answer
  2. Mie Nai Watashi To Mieru Boku (見えない私と見える僕)
  3. Jewelry
  4. Hajimari no hibi (はじまりの日々)
  5. Senko Hanabi (線香花火)
  6. Kenka
  7. Skill Flower (スキルフラワー)
  8. Schroedinger
  9. Ranbu Randebu (乱舞ランデブー)
  10. Sore de ii (それでいい)
  11. STATICE (スターチス) Acoustic Ver.
  • Senko Hanabi/Ranbu Rendez-vous (線香花火/乱舞ランデブー)
  • Single  ·  April 26, 2017
  1. Senko Hanabi (線香花火)
  2. Ranbu Randez-vou (乱舞ランデブー)
  3. Kotobano Ue (ことばのうえ) - Acoustic Ver.
  4. Senkou Hanabi (線香花火) - Inst.
  5. Ranbu Randez-vou (乱舞ランデブー) - Inst.
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