• Title: Life of Planet (少年他的奇幻漂流)
  • Artist: Mayday
  • Runtime: 6:36   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: June 4, 2017

We are all beings drifting on a boat, looking lost and deprived of dreams. We can be the superhero that has the capacity to change the future, or be the child who cheers for a superhero to save his people from the hopelessness and darkness. You choose who you want to be, and decide your own future.

Mayday’s “Life of Planet” (少年他的奇幻漂流), featured in the album “History of Tomorrow” (自傳), is a true masterpiece. The lyrics, penned by A Shin, takes references from the movie “Life of Pi”, as well as the familiar story in the bible, “Noah’s Ark”, to express the despair of those drifting on the deep vast sea. There’s a common theme between these two stories - a boat is involved, people and living things on the boat are in state of lost, gone into survival mode, feeling anxious about their future, and doubting everything they see. However, more importantly, they do not stop looking for the possibility of docking the boat and having a different future. This slow rock, which is composed by Stone, has intensified the feeling of hopelessness yet not without resolution to make a change, with the gradual layering of instruments from the start till the end of the song.

The lyrics and music video may seem as though they have no connection at all, but the MV is actually echoing the same melodies using a different voice. It tells a story of a boy, living in a world that nobody believes in the superhero, Ultraman, even though their world is in a turmoil. It takes courage, resolution and conviction to be different, to believe in something that most people do not. The boy believed in Ultraman, even though people has been rejecting Ultraman’s help. The little and innocent belief within the boy has given the discouraged Ultraman strength to fight for justice, and in turn saving his own people from danger.

In this world of chaos and turbulence, uncertain and confusion, through this meaningful song, Mayday is telling the world that, we are but beings who are drifting, like Pi, like Noah, looking for a better future. But we should never give up believing that one day, a special one, which could be anyone in this world, would lead us out from this desperation, into the bright new world.

Mayday is in the midst of their concert tour “2017 Mayday Life Tour” (五月天 LIFE [ 人生無限公司 ] 巡迴演唱會), where they’ll be performing in Hohhot, China on July 8 next, and end the tour in Singapore on Dec 17.

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