• Title: Tough (頑固)
  • Artist: Mayday
  • Runtime: 7:08   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: September 4, 2016

No dreams should be given up on, no matter how ridiculous they seem. Mayday has reminded working adults to not forget their childhood ambition and encouraged everyone to persevere in chasing their dreams in the song “Tough”, which is featured in their latest album “History Of Tomorrow”.

The song, written and composed by Ashin, talks about people who slowly lose their tough and passionate self, and asks if this is a life that they are satisfied with. This is shown in the MV, where a poor middle-age man who works few jobs in a day never stops building a spaceship for his childhood ambition as an astronaut. His perseverance touches many other working adults, as well as the hearts of the audience, reminding them of their own childhood dreams and to not give up.

This MV is directed by Muh Chen, and is filmed like a short movie, starring many famous actors, including Tony Leung as the main character, Mei Hsiu Lin, Kang Jen Wu, Pei An Lo and Vivian Song. Mayday is currently in the midst of their concert “Just Rock It! World Tour”, and they will be performing in 5 different cities in China in September and October, in Malaysia on October 22, with their last performance in Quanzhou, China, on October 29.

Watch Mayday - Tough - Concert Version
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