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  • Men Envy Children (小男孩樂團 MECBand)
  • Taiwanese band consists of four members: Mify (米非), Vince (昌哥), Hanz (漢斯), and Kai (俊凱)
  • Organized and debut as the band with its first album "Everything" (都是你) in 2015
  • Record Label: ChangLu Culture & Creative Co., Ltd.
  • Album: Everything (都是你)
  • Popular Songs: No Time (沒空); Love in the Sky (天降辣妹); Everything
  • Awards: 3rd place in the Earth Spring Wave Awards; Nominated as the best team, best new stars, and best album in Australia Hello Asia! C-Pop Awards; Nominated as the best new band in the 9th Freshmusic Award
  • Mify shot for a musical movie, "52 Hz I Love You"
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Belief is a powerful thing. When you truly believe in something and stick with it, everything becomes possible. This is the...
As the opening song of the album "One Thing", "Feel the Heat" set an upbeat tone for Men Envy...
Who wouldn't want their lovers to be angels, with pretty faces, broad minds, and infinite tolerance? But do you know that...
  • Albums
  • One Thing
  • Album  ·  December 16, 2016
  1. Feel the Heat
  2. Where To Go (往哪走)
  3. Wait For You Coming Back (等著你回來)
  4. Angel's Pain (天使也會受傷)
  5. Can't Love You Anymore (不能再愛你)
  6. You, The Little Thing (妳, 這個小東西)
  7. Believe (相信)
  8. Die For You
  9. The Seed Of Missing You (思念種子)
  10. A Song For Myself (給自己的歌)
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