• Title: Angel's Pain (天使也會受傷)
  • Artist: Men Envy Children
  • Runtime: 5:05   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: December 23, 2016

Who wouldn't want their lovers to be angels, with pretty faces, broad minds, and infinite tolerance? But do you know that angels also have feelings, and they can get hurt in relationships like others?

In Men Envy Children's (小男孩樂團) newest album "One Thing", its members Vince Cheng (昌哥) and Hanz Lin (漢斯) together created a song, "Angel's Pain" (天使也會受傷), to sing the feelings of an angel in love.

The lyrics narrated that an angel fell in love with the person who found her feather, so she decided to give up being an angel and to protect her lover with her wings. Although the angel got hurt just like an ordinary person, she was encouraged by love to devote herself without asking for returns.

The band's lead vocalist Mify (米非) transfigured into the angel in love in the music video, and staged a love story with artist Suming (舒米恩). While Mify loved the angel figure, she once became the angel in a relationship with Suming with all her heart. Unfortunately, Suming cheated on Mify, so she got deeply hurt. This echoed back to the soul of the song, that an angel can also feel pain.

Love is a two-way relationship. It needs to be managed with the commitment of both parties. Before you expect to be unconditionally loved, please also devote yourself to give, because the love of others does not come automatically.

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