• Title: Believe (相信)
  • Artist: Men Envy Children
  • Runtime: 4:54   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: August 19, 2017

Belief is a powerful thing. When you truly believe in something and stick with it, everything becomes possible. This is the core value Men Envy Children (小男孩樂團) delivered in its new song, Believe (相信).

Included in Men Envy Children's album One Thing, Believe was written by Vince Cheng (昌哥) and composed by Skot Suyama (陶山). The lyrics described the singers' endeavor and radical mood on a beautiful weekend morning. Being so energetic after a good night sleep, they are heading the way to their dreams and destinations. Although not significant individuals in the society, they are not afraid barriers and believe their goals will be achieved eventually after putting in effort. As long as they hold up the believe and keep on fighting, they will be successful.

The music video invited leaders in different types of dancing styles, and created a positive and joyful theme that reflected the singers’ happy mood. Walking under the clear blue sky and beautiful sunshine, Mify (米非), the advocate of the band, encountered people with different backgrounds at different places. Regardless the person is a senior, child, or adult, they all carry footsteps with strong sense of rhythm that fit perfectly into the briskly melody. The music video also included behind the scenes highlights at the end, disclosing interesting moments during the shooting to bring additional benefits to the audience.

Unlike most pop songs that describes love story, Believe flowed into everyone's heart like a clean creek. From the perspective of a normal person, the song emphasized the power of belief. Because when you truly believe in something, the entire universe will help you accomplish your dream.

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