• Title: Feel The Heat
  • Artist: Men Envy Children
  • Runtime: 3:34   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: March 19, 2017

As the opening song of the album "One Thing", "Feel the Heat" set an upbeat tone for Men Envy Children's (小男孩樂團) state being a rock band. Written by Hanz Lin (漢斯) and Skot Suyama (陶山) and composed by Vince Cheng (昌哥), Feel the Heat expressed a positive and inspirational concept to those chasing their dreams.

Following this concept, the lyrics entailed the key to success. If you want to make your dream become true, you must overcome all the hardship and difficulties, and work consistently and continuously. While failures lead the path to success, you need to chase your own way wherever you are and be responsible for yourself.

In the music video, the band members incarnated into athletes and demonstrated their insistence on practicing. Blended with exercising scenes of people with various occupations, the MV delivered an encouraging and wholesome moral state. You may be a youth who want to be the king of skating, or a ballet dancer who want to be a lead performer, or just someone who want to have good health. Regardless what your dream is, the only way to make your dream become true is through hard work and continuous practice.

As said by an old Chinese idiom, that for every shining moment you have on the stage, you need at least ten years of the practice. While the practice is not only limited to exercise, it is applicable to everything you do. Only if you hold up yourself, stick with your dream, and put your efforts into it, you can become the shining star and achieve all you want. Once you get there and look back, you will find the most charming is the process of working towards your goals.

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