• Title: Right One to Love (不是不愛)
  • Artist: MinChen
  • Runtime: 4:07   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: May 21, 2017

Romantic melodrama. Romance novels. Love Songs. Women have seen and heard about love everywhere, they yearn to fall in love yet many of them have not found the right one to love. When will the right one come and end their agonising wait?

MinChen has expressed the vulnerability of single women through one of her new songs “Right One to Love” (不是不愛), which is featured in her new EP “#Me”. The lyrics, written by popular lyrist Xiaohan (小寒), tell a story of a woman who has seen multiple broken relationships and questions whether love lasts, yet still wanting to fall in love. However, regardless the strong feeling of loneliness and desire to love and be loved, she is not in a hurry to be in a relationship as she only wants to fall in love with the “right one”. Singer-songwriter Yu Heng composed this song, which perfectly fused the slow yet rhythmic R&B with the soulful Bossa Nova, to express the feeling of women patiently waiting for love yet not without anticipation. The song is also accompanied with the melancholic yet slightly upbeat electronic musical instruments, just as women, though feeling down, try to remain optimistic in this wait for their true love.

In the music video, MinChen and Taiwanese actor Derek Chang are featured as the two main protagonists, where MinChen imagines how she would cross path with Derek to become lovers. MinChen is seen having a long, black and wavy hair, imagining herself wearing a short and purplish hair and dressed stylishly, getting closer to find the right one to love. However, being stylish, or even sporty are just imagination of her ideal self, the right one is actually outside of her imagination, waiting to meet her.

This song has given all single women a good reminder, that women should not rush into a relationship because they are feeling lonely, but be in a relationship because they have found the right one that is worth loving.

Congratulations to MinChen, who will be having her first concert “2017 Voice Up Concert” (讚聲演唱會) in Taiwan, from May 28 to 30!

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