• Title: Queen of Queens (皇后區的皇后)
  • Artist: Miss Ko
  • Runtime: 3:04   Language: Mandarin
  • Date: January 8, 2017

Being a rapper and songwriter, Miss Ko (葛仲珊) did an excellent job on her Queen of Queens (皇后區的皇后). Composed and written by Miss Ko, the song reflected her background as well as her confidence and faith in hip-hop music.

Grown up in Queens, New York, Chinese can be a challenge to Miss Ko. However, she did not only exceled in singing Chinese, but became the first female rapper to release a solo album in Taiwan. As described in the lyrics, she continued to improve her linguistic skills, and had become the idol of other singers for her excellent works. Regardless of some negative feedbacks from the public, all the achievements she received were the results of her own hard work.

The music video was shot in Miss Ko's hometown, Queens, New York. In between the rapping, dancing, and the beatboxing, she spoke out the soul of hip-hop through her strong and energized voice. In the music video, Miss Ko transformed into the Queen in the Chess, who owned her own arm force and ruled her empire.

As the "Queen" meaning both the position and the power, Miss Ko's Queen figure is a metaphor of her status in the Taiwan's music industry. Yet she has earned her noticeable place in the hip-hop genre, Miss Ko is really the Queen of Queens. She will hold a gathering party for her new song in Taipei on January 11.

Watch Miss Ko - Queen of Queens - Behind The Scenes
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