• Title: Beautiful (아름다워)
  • Artist: MONSTA X
  • Runtime: 3:29   Language: Korean
  • Date: March 26, 2017

MONSTA X has released MV Beautiful, the lead single from their new album The Clan 2.5: The Final Chapter. The lyrics and composition of the song were by Star Warz, with Joohoen and I.M also contributing to lyrics.

In the lyrics, MONSTA X compares the person they love to a rose – made of beautiful red petals, but with thorns that have the ability to hurt. They are in awe of this person’s beauty, and wanting to love, despite knowing that they will experience sadness and pain. They sing about knowing that although they can never be together, they will still offer their protection so this person they love can blossom beautifully.

With its vibrant colors, and MONSTA X’s masterful choreography, the music video is visually stunning. The boys dance together, all in blue hues and on a blue patterned platform. We’re treated to scenic flashes of different color schemes while each member sings. Some are dark and shadowy, while others are bright and contrasting.

The Clan 2.5: The Final Chapter is the third and final addition to MONSTA X’s The Clan album collection. It features ten new songs, so head over and give it a listen!

Watch MONSTA X - Beautiful - Dance Practice
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