• Title: Jealousy
  • Artist: MONSTA X
  • Runtime: 3:34   Language: Korean
  • Date: April 14, 2018

MONSTA X gets possessive in their latest song entitled “Jealousy” from the “THE CONNECT: DEJAVU” EP.

The frustration is apparent in the lyrics of “Jealousy”. It stems from their gnawing anxiety of seeing someone they like showing interest to another man without being able to do anything. The simmering emotions are getting harder to manage by the minute, and to make matter worse, she seems to be enjoying their inner battle. She’s playing with their hearts, teasing them with the game of push and pull. They’re confused, trapped within her little ploy, unable to decide whether she wants to be with them as much as they do. They want to know what’s she’s thinking and what she’s feeling. But most of all, they want to woo her, win her over and capture her heart to quench the jealousy firing deep within their hearts.

The music video walks us through the brewing emotions of jealousy, confusion and frustration. With the dark theme and MONSTA X’s fierce performance, the music video delivers all the powerful feelings it aims to convey. Listen to the addictive beat of the song and feel them contest and vie for dominance and attention, all because of “Jealousy”.

Watch MONSTA X - Jealousy - Dance Practice
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